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Every month I will post a new episode that will feature a special guest, loads of Godzilla music and Godzilla news!
Godzilla Podcast
DeMarini Sports.   where i work
I get to design bats now! It rocks and is the best job I have ever had - aside from the design, I get to work on the Ultimate Softball Show and showcase my shooting and editing talents!
Henshin! Online   2002 - 2006
A lot of really great things have been said about H!O recently, from the artist that painted the Godzilla for my 50 Years Of Godzilla Film Festival, to heads of Toho in Los Angeles. Henshin! Online is one of the top Japanese Entertainment news websites over the last three years. Top names like August Ragone, Bob Johnson and Keith Aiken have provided some of the hottest scoops in the genre - and it all happens here.
The Shrine of Gamera   1998 - 2005
This has been my pet project since 1998. I wanted to show people how cool the new Gamera films are (I'm talking about the ones made in the 90s). They changed my view of the terrible terrapin and now The Shrine of Gamera is considered one of the best websites for Gamera information.
The Kaiju Korner   Changing sometime soon
Due to working with Henshin!Online, I way-layed the KaijuKorner idea - even though I went through some cool design revs and such. Now the domain will focus on my model-building. This website is still under organizational development.
Godzilla at the Freakshow   1996 - 1998
OOF...that's right. My very first website. Its pretty ugly now when I look back on it. I remember stealing the background image treatment from - a South Park website.
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